Welcome to the Floral World of Ceremony

When we were telling you we were growing with you, we were not just talking about a change in branding or just us doing small changes. On our 25th year as an event planning/management and floral company, we decided to discover the world of scent and fragrances with you. This lead us to create Ceremony In Bloom, our home cosmetics brand to transform your daily tasks into rituals, to transform you home into a unique experience for you, your friends and your family. Our new improved floral world that consists of In Bloom • Flowers • Events is presented to you in our Ceremony Memories blog!

What does Ceremony Memories offer you? Inspiration from the most precious moments of life, such as engagements, weddings, proclamations of love, birthdays, any kind of celebration, the Ceremony Events team’s archive will take you on a journey through the years accompanied by the unique and beautiful floral designs of the Ceremony Flowers team. And of course, the Ceremony In Bloom products that will benefir both your soul and your home. Reed diffusers, candles, home scents and much more that will transform your home. Ceremony, inspired by the magical world of flowers, has created a world and is waiting for you to explore it.

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