Our Story

Ceremony was founded in 1994 as a result of İrem Yargıcı’s experience and knowledge in the field of fashion and textile, and her search for innovation & aesthetics in presentation and creativity. Ceremony, which takes its name from the idea that life is a ceremony, has been providing event planning/management services for more than 30 years. We added a flower department shortly after the inception of Ceremony that makes completely personalized, exclusive and privileged floral designs and both these departments came to be what is known as Ceremony Flowers & Events.

The inspiration and experience we have gathered from years of event planning, retail experience and floral creations, combined with our unique presentation, design and customer service, has led us to create in 2019, Ceremony In Bloom, a cosmetics brand that focuses mostly on the home, in the goal of bringing the floral world in a different shape, in the shape of fragrances in to your home while benefiting both you and your home.

Irem Yargıcı

I have always enjoyed preparing compositions with lights, colors, different forms and materials. I think what makes Ceremony and my work different is my experience in fashion and textile and my search of creating a harmony between all the subjects I can use and create a unique ambience. When it comes to design, whether it’s a space, an invitation or an arrangement, or the scent of your home; I am against cold designs and far from what lacks personal and human touches. I try to use components that appeal to the senses such as music, light ,  scent, and while doing this, I try to be different and try to do what has not been tried and always look forward and bring innovations into reality.

My greatest passion is to create a dream world in which all the beauties in life are in harmony and I work everyday to make this dream come true. And of course, I cannot imagine a world without flowers in it. Flowers, which are an indispensable part of my designs, and everything that is prepared with care and detail have a ceremonial value for me. My biggest goal is to be able to offer you these ceremonial moments, rituals whether in the most important moments of your life or just a single second of your daily life, and turn these moments into unforgettable memories. At this point, I consider myself very lucky to have a profession where I can make not only my own dreams, but also your dreams come true.

"I enjoy life the most when I get to take care of  small details. One of my biggest principals is to immerse myself and fully experience my daily tasks and notice my rituals. Behind Ceremony’s doors, I have presented this principal for over 30 years to you with great care, detail, and labor by creating a magical world that awaits you."